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Albahealth, LLC

Meeting today's challenges, together.

Albahealth LLC manufactures and distributes disposable healthcare products. Its products include deep vein thrombosis prevention products; anti-embolism stockings; pulStar, a pulsatile anti-embolism system; dressings and dressing retainers; footwear; Care Sox, non-compression socks to accommodate patients suffering from edema brought on by diabetes or circulatory problems; and stockinette.

For nearly a century, Encompass has been helping health care and hospitality organizations create safe, comfortable environments for patients, staff, residents and guests.

Whether developing advanced hypothermia prevention products, helping hospitals contain the spread of infections, or designing interiors for new, state-of-the-art retirement communities, we offer a complete line of products, services and education programs that meet the challenges our customers face every day.

Encompass is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of reusable textiles, professional apparel, therapeutic support surfaces and disposable and single use medical products.By focusing on innovation, product knowledge and customer service, we strive to always meet the needs of our clients and surpass their expectations.

We are proud to be a privately held company, with ownership shared by Encompass employees and our combined corporate family.

Product Categories

Safety Products Comfort Products
DVT Treatment & Prevention Reusable Textiles & Apparel
Hypothermia Prevention Nonwoven Apparel & Patient Care
Environmental Cleaning Retail Health Care Apparel
Fall Prevention Hospitality Pillows & Bedding
Infection Prevention Healthcare Pillows
Safe Patient Handling
Wound & Skin Care https://www.encompassgroup.com/deep-vein-thrombosis-prevention

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