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3 Point Products

Our mission is to provide superior products that deliver "Comfort, Fit and Function"
Every splint we make and every product we provide must meet the company’s mission. Founded by an occupational therapist and orthotist (brace maker), 3-Point Products’ CEO knows that splints must be comfortable and above all, effective, or they will not, and should not be worn.

Every great splint starts with a great design. Designing splints is as much an art, as it is a science; and at 3-Point Products, a lot of both go into each of our splints. The science includes 30+ years of clinical experience and the advice and feedback of our customers. The art comes from our experience in materials and manufacturing and the desire to make splints we would be proud to wear. The result is products that promote function and enhance compliance for successful treatment outcomes.

As product designers and distributors, we are strongly committed to being responsive to questions about our products. While we can offer suggestions about how a product might be worn or used, we feel it important that questions concerning a particular health condition or diagnosis are best directed to a healthcare professional.

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Wrist & Elbow Splints
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