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Acon Laboratories

ACON Laboratories, Inc. provides a broad range of high quality and competitively priced rapid diagnostic and healthcare products. ACON leads the way in making point of care medical diagnostics more affordable to people all around the world. The ACON name along with our brands, On Call® for Diabetes Care, Mission® and Insight® for Clinical Chemistry, and Foresight® and Incontrol® for Immunoassay EIA/ELISA are well known in over 130 countries.

We will continue to expand our current rapid diagnostic and healthcare products worldwide. Indeed, we look forward to working with our partners and distributors to expand our current product lines, and to continue to provide products and services that allows us to meet and exceed the customers' quality and price needs in all diverse markets throughout the world.

Product Focus
Our current product lines include Diabetes Care, Clinical Chemistry including Urinalysis, and Immunoassay EIA/ELISA for the International market. In addition, our products for Clinical Chemistry including Urinalysis and Diabetes Care are available for sale in the US market. We do have a number of new products in the pipeline for introduction this year and beyond.

In addition to our ACON brand, we excel in specialized custom design and contract manufacturing and utilize advanced engineering and design techniques to meet the unique specifications of customers in today's global healthcare markets. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions with the highest quality standards ensures that ACON meets its customers' diverse needs.

Product Categories

Alcohol Tests
UTI Test Strips
Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems https://www.aconlabs.com/

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